Brian Shotton - 18/11/2019

19 Nov 2019 in General News

Brian Shotton - 18/11/2019 Brian Shotton - 18/11/2019


By Brian Bennett

Ashington FC chairman Brian Shotton sent a message to the club’s supporters at the weekend stressing the word ‘patience’ as being key. Mr Shotton, who has recently completed his first 12 months at the helm, was full of praise for the volunteers – including manager Ian Skinner and his backroom staff - who spend hours of unstinting work behind the scenes. The chairman added that the Woodhorn Lane based outfit are still a ‘work in progress’; have a long term vision and that the future is bright.

The 35 year old Ashington-born chairman, said: “We have a long term goal and week by week, things continue to improve including the financial position of the club. Massive strides have been made over the past 13 months and not least because of the hard graft by volunteers who spend countless hours to make things happen. Our supporters have been great and I can honestly say that the future is bright – only it takes time and I ask them for their patience. Everyone is working hard and none more so than Ian Skinner and his backroom team who are working voluntarily. We have got a good committed group of players here highlighted by the fact that the captain Curtis Coppen recently signed a contract with us and the key word is patience. We shouldn’t get too high when we win – and on the other hand we shouldn’t get too down when we lose.”

Mr Shotton – who has a lifelong passion for the club which began from him supporting them from an early age – has also been delighted with progress made apart from the first team: “We now have the juniors under the main umbrella of the club and the reserve side are performing well in their first season in the Northern Alliance League,” he added, “This shows that we are not focussing solely on the senior outfit but working on a project to improve the club overall – and on top of that we have secured some good sponsorship deals with local companies.”

Mr Shotton had a special word for former legendary striker Alan Hogg who is manager of the reserve side: “It’s great to have Alan back. Even when his playing career finished, he remained a good friend of the club. During his playing days, he had many opportunities to go elsewhere but chose to stay with us and as Ashington fans, we always remember that. As a club, we want to build an identity from within and Alan will be a big part of that moving forward.”

Mr Shotton concluded: “All I ask of the supporters is for them to continue to support the club in whatever way they can. You only get out of something what you put in and myself, the directors, committee and management are working tirelessly to improve this football club and we have a long term vision but must keep working extra hard in the short term to keep the club improving and with those levels of effort, we can only succeed.”


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