Brian Shotton- We are trying to rise again

12 Sep 2020 in General News

Brian Shotton- We are trying to rise again Brian Shotton- We are trying to rise again


By Brian Bennett

Ashington FC donned new shirts for their Ebac Northern League first division opener against Newcastle Benfield at The dwmedia Stadium on Saturday.

Instead of wearing what has traditionally been their black & white stripes, the Colliers turned the clock back 137 years to their infancy and reverted to what was reportedly the style of the strip worn in 1883.

Chairman Brian Shotton – who delved into the history books and put the plan into action - explained: “Not many people are aware of it but there was a team in Ashington who were the original founding team in the town who played at the ‘Rec,’ he said, “It was the time when teams had interesting names like Ashington Rising Star and Shankhouse Black Watch. The kit for the former outfit was reported to be a black shirt with a white star on it and in 1888 that club eventually became Ashington Football Club. However, the original founding team was Ashington Rising Star in 1883. I thought a team with that name, symbolises what we are trying to do at the moment – rise again and push forward. I think the logo is really nice with the ‘A’ in the star and the football under it and I believe the strip has been well received by the fans.”

He continued: “At various times during the season when the occasion fits, I’ll speak to logistics manager Alan Brown maybes a couple of days before a game, and say we’ll use the Rising Star strip – which our Reserve side will also wear. However we will still use our black & white striped shirts. I think it’s a really good initiative by the club and the fans have really taken it onboard and to be honest people from outside the area have been buying the new shirts because they like them - so I’m absolutely delighted. I had wanted to introduce them for our Emirates FA Cup game against Goole last week but they didn’t arrive until the following day. I think the beginning of the league season is quite symbolic and that’s why our first team wore them against Newcastle Benfield on Saturday.”

Mr Shotton also revealed that plans are already under discussion for a centenary celebration in 2021: “We are looking back to when Ashington joined the Football League Third Division North in 1921 and are hoping to do something special next season to mark the centenary,” he added.


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