Chairman speaks on transformation of club

12 Sep 2020 in General News

Chairman speaks on transformation of club Chairman speaks on transformation of club


Ashington chairman Brian Shotton: “My aim is for the people of Ashington to be proud of this place – and they should be.”

By Brian Bennett

Ashington FC chairman Brian Shotton is upbeat and quite dynamic when he speaks about what he wants for his club which was renamed The dwmedia Stadium at Woodhorn Lane only last week: “My aim is for the people of Ashington to be proud of this place – and they should be.” So when the chief winced every time he looked at the décor inside the grandstand and clubhouse, he did something about it! Now in the space of a few weeks, the interior has been totally transformed with Mr Shotton widely acknowledging the history and tradition of the town: “I don’t normally like taking the credit but I will on this one,” he joked, “I was tired of walking into the building and seeing plain walls and breeze blocks which were very grey and dour. Black and white is our colours and we have got a lot of history and tradition in the town for football so I thought ‘why not celebrate that fact’ by painting the walls black & white and having pictures of Jackie Milburn and the Charlton brothers, Jack and Bobby as well as former players. The home dressing room has also been completely overhauled with pictures celebrating teams from the past and our mining heritage because Ashington is ultimately a mining town. The whole thing has been a celebration and trying to make the club feel more like home.” He continued: “We have also modernised the club logo – it hasn’t been overhauled but has been brought into the modern times with the miner’s lamp as the ‘A’ for Ashington. It’s all about taking the club forward and giving it the fresh look because as far as I’m concerned this season is the one where we have to look to push on and re-establish ourselves in the top half of the Northern League.” Meanwhile a newly signed shirt donated to the club by Port Vale’s Ashington-born striker Mark Cullen has been added onto the walls of the hall of fame: “I’ve been in touch with Mark over the last few months and I asked him if there was a chance of a signed shirt,” added Mr Shotton, “We are doing a lot to the club at the moment. We are acknowledging Ashington footballing heroes past and present - so I thought it was a great gesture by Mark to send us the signed shirt.”


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