Damien Stevens - 04.05.2018

07 May 2018 in General News

Damien Stevens - 04.05.2018 Damien Stevens - 04.05.2018


By Brian Bennett

Ashington FC striker Damien Stevens admitted to being ‘surprised’ after his sublime right foot strike in the 4-0 home win against Seaham Red Star at the beginning of last month came out on top as ‘goal of the season’ voted by Woodhorn Lane supporters.

And the 26 year old paid tribute to his fellow players for spurring him on during his first season back after he suffered an horrific broken patella last term in the home match against Penrith. Stakeford-based Stevens said: “I was a bit surprised to be honest. Throughout the season I thought there were a lot of good ‘team’ goals - like the one David Edwards scored at Dunston where there were six or seven passes strung together and for my money that one was right up there. I was pleased with my effort against Seaham but it still came as a surprise when it was announced as the winner.”

He continued: “I have been overwhelmed by the rest of the lads who have helped me to get back and given me the motivation to get through the season. After moving to Blyth AFC then coming back to Ashington, it took me a while to get started. I set myself a target of 25 goals and finished with 19 - 17 of them for the Colliers. I’m delighted and would have gratefully accepted that amount had I been asked that question at the start of the campaign.”

He went on: “All of the players here have pushed and motivated each other to drive on and do well - and that’s why we have accumulated more points in the league than last year. Since Steve Bowey and Gareth McAlindon came in as the management team, they have got me feeling comfortable and confident and I’m very excited about next season.”

Meanwhile Ian Reid, chairman of the Ashington supporters paid tribute to the fans – and in particular David Bainbridge: “The fans have been tremendous,” he said, “During every home match, David (Bainbridge) brings in valuable income by running football and domino cards. He always has a smile on his face - and we are grateful to him for his sterling efforts.”


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