Ian Skinner - 06/04/2019

08 Apr 2019 in Post Match Interview

Ian Skinner - 06/04/2019 Ian Skinner - 06/04/2019


By Brian Bennett

Ashington FC manager Ian Skinner had no complaints after Saturday’s 3-0 defeat at the hands of West Auckland being forthright in his views that the best team won the clash.

Skinner – who had been appointed as permanent boss 24 hours ahead of the game – said afterwards: “I’ve watched West Auckland on a number of occasions this season and they are a very good footballing side. We talked about them having the ball for long spells of the game and us trying to stay in shape and keep them to sideways passes but things didn’t really work for us today - and they are the sort of side that if you give them a sniff that you are going to have an off day, can really take you to task. I thought for the first 30 minutes we were at sixes and sevens at best. The opening goal was disappointing. We should probably have stopped the cross then they have won the first and second header then scored with the third header. We changed our shape during the first half just to try to get to half time really. At the break we talked about one or two things and asked the players to be brave in possession and get on the ball because we didn’t really keep possession at all in the first half.”

He continued: “I thought we started the second half quite brightly stringing a number of passes together but again we have conceded another poor goal to go 2-0 down. We talked about their goalkeeper (Shane Bland) having brilliant distribution and we said ‘when you are in the wide area make sure you don’t get done over your head because he (Bland) kicks the ball a long way with real quality - and that’s exactly how the second goal came about even though the final shot got a big deflection. For the third, I thought we were a tad unlucky. Substitute Trae Rowlandson has worked really hard to get back in and he has cleared the ball across his own box to Tom Price who ended up scoring.”

He went on: “It was a disappointing performance. The lads had put a lot into Tuesday night at Dunston UTS and I just thought we had a little bit of an off day against a good side. To be honest West Auckland have contributed (to us having an off day) by starving us of the ball which meant we had to do a lot of running and chasing - and when that happens, fatigue sets in quicker. I had no complaints about the outcome – the best team won on the day without question.”


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