Robson on the mend

18 Feb 2020 in First Team

Robson on the mend Robson on the mend

By Brian Bennett

Ashington FC's Lewis Robson is already looking forward to next month. That's when the defender - carried off in the Colliers 5-1 away defeat against Sunderland RCA in January - will hopefully receive the full diagnoses of his injury following an MRI scan.

The 22 year old sales executive is philosophical about playing a waiting game and announced that he has no plans to force his comeback. Robson had only been on the field two minutes after coming on as a substitute in the clash at Meadow Park when he was on the wrong end of a poor challenge by RCA defender Greg Swansbury which saw the home skipper red carded: “My initial thought was that my leg was broken,” said Robson, “I couldn’t feel my shin - from my knee to my toes was numb. After attending A & E at Cramlington, I was put in a cricket bat splint. There have been early suggestions that I may have ruptured a medial collateral ligament and a possible ACL tear but the MRI scan should reveal the full extent of the injury.”

However, Ashington-born Robson is not resting on his laurels as he is working out in the gym: “I cannot sit around doing nothing,” he added, “I need to try and maintain some level of fitness. I’m wearing an ACL brace so I can bend my knee better but I’ve got no strength when I try to twist my knee. I’ve received great support from my family as well as from Ashington FC manager Ian Skinner and physiotherapist Jay Robertson whilst the players have been dropping me texts.”

He concluded: “I’m massively missing my football as well as the banter because there's nothing better than the atmosphere in a changing room. We’ll see what shows up on the scan and whilst I cannot wait to return to action, I’m certainly not going to rush things.”


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