Walkers get ready - 29/10/2020

29 Oct 2020 in General News

Walkers get ready - 29/10/2020 Walkers get ready - 29/10/2020

By Brian Bennett

A group of colleagues from Ashington FC - dubbed ‘the Collier lads’ - will be stepping out on Saturday to put their best foot forward in aid of charity.

The party of over a dozen who label their annual walk the ‘March for Men’ will again be raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. Brothers Neil and Mark Dickinson spoke in unison when they said: “This year we have upped the ante and we are walking from the Angel of the North in Gateshead back to the football club at Ashington which is a distance of approximately 25 miles. We have added on seven to eight miles from last year as we like to push a little bit more - as we try to raise more awareness about Prostate Cancer. So far this time round we have collected about £1,300 and if anyone wishes to contribute we have a justgiving page on facebook. We appreciate the hardship which every one is going through in the current climate but every penny counts and we have already passed through our target which was set at £1,000.”

This will be the group’s fourth walk and over the years they have raised over £10,000 which is phenomenal. Neil and Mark continued: “We are leaving the Angel of the North at 9am on Saturday morning but have not set ourselves a time when we plan to reach Ashington – it will be slow and steady. People can follow our progress as we’ll be doing updates as we go along and this time we are to be joined by Nick Dunn - a seasoned paratrooper who should be able to do the walk in his stride! However, come hail, rain or sunshine – we aren’t bothered about the weather and we’ll take whatever is thrown at us. We enjoy good banter along the way but social distancing will also come into play. We’ve got to stick to the rule of six and will be adhering to all of the other guidance measures.”


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