Colliers Tickets for the Community 2021/22

27 Mar 2021 in First Team

Colliers Tickets for the Community 2021/22 Colliers Tickets for the Community 2021/22

Club launch Colliers Tickets for the Community   

Ashington AFC are pleased to be launching the ‘Colliers Tickets for the Community’ for 2021/22.

Following several kind donations last season, the Club were able to donate season and match tickets to Community organisations and individuals who could then attend and enjoy the Football. We are offering the opportunity to purchase both match tickets and season tickets which will be donated back into the Community.

In addition to the above if any 2020/21 season ticket holder re-purchases their ticket for 2021/22 the Club will match that purchase by donating a season ticket to the scheme.

Chairman Brian Shotton “Football is such a wonderfully social game and can be the highlight of someone’s week. We have all missed seeing each other on a Saturday afternoon and the Pandemic has been devastating increasing loneliness in all ages and backgrounds. This scheme offers the opportunity for people to support Ashington Football Club financially whilst also making a huge difference to a person’s life and our community as a whole”.

You can donate / purchase your tickets at the following link:


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