Tribute to Towns footballing families

15 Oct 2020 in General News

Tribute to Towns footballing families Tribute to Towns footballing families

Ashington AFC to make tribute to Towns famous footballing families.

Ashington Football Club are delighted to announce that we will name the Hospitality Lounge and Function Room after the Charltons and Milburns in tribute to their achievements and pride they have brought the town over generations.

The Clubs Hospitality / Boardroom will now be known as the Charlton Lounge - decorated with shirts, photographs and other mementos that celebrate the family that produced Jack and Sir Bobby, World Cup winners with England in 1966 and footballers of the year. As well as those remarkable feats both achieved so much more throughout their careers on and off the pitch in football and charitable work.

The Function Room will also now be known as the Milburn Lounge in tribute to the famous footballing family that produced numerous players who played professionally, none more recognisable than ‘Wor’ Jackie Milburn of Newcastle United and England. Cissie Charlton (formerly Milburn) coached football at local schools and was always a big part of the community until her passing in 1996. Her brothers Jack, George, Jim and Stan all played professionally in the English First Division as well as for Ashington. Her father Jack 'Tanner' Milburn also had a stint with the Colliers as goalkeeper.

On entrance to the building we have also installed a large montage (see full picture below) of Jackie Milburn, Bobby Charlton and Jack Charlton which provides a focal point of our club.

The club would like to thank both families for the pride they have brought to our town and would like to dedicate these rooms to them.

Photo: Ian Brodie


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